Company training

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Customized course for those who want to improve their working language, companies, hotels staffs, etc that want to enhance language abilities of their workers, either as groups or one-on –one. We could also design a course base on your requirements.

Elementary Level:

Topics- Introduction, Work and Leisure, Problems, Travel, Food and Entertaining, Sales, People, Markets, Companies, The Web, Cultures, Jobs.

Pre-intermediate level:

Topics- Careers, Selling online,Companies,Great ideas,Stress,Entertaining,Marketing,Planning,Managing people,Conflict,New business, Products.

Intermediate Level:

Topics- Globalization, Brands, Travel, Advertising, Employment, Trade, Innovation, Organisation, Money, Ethics, Change, Strategy, Cultures, Leadership, Competition.

Upper Intermediate Level:

Topics- Communication, International marketing,  Building relationships, Success, Job satisfaction, Risk, E-commerce, Team building, Raising finance, Customer service, Crisis management, Management styles, Takeovers and mergers, The future of business.

Office and Workers:

Topics- Basics, Late, Computer, Email, Explanations and Presentations, Meetings, Calls, Talking to coworker, Talking to the Boss, Talking to Subordinates, Business Trips, Offices and Cubicles, Quitting or Leaving Work